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Dash and Center tank cover

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Over 10 years ago I designed some tools that in fact do allow  me to engrave through chrome successfully as you can see on this web site. This saves my customers hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars by eliminating the stripping, polishing and re-plating of their parts .. not to mention the shipping costs...
Here's a few things you need to know
There are 3 things that cause chrome to peel.... copper base  2. contamination during plating 
 3. bad casting
 High quality chrome like Harley or one of the other major motorcycle manufactures  use a lot of copper in their plating which is a must in engraving through chrome.... not much of a risk of peeling.....
A lot of the today's aftermarket company's have decided  to stop using copper in their plating process  making it risky to engrave and a risk of peeling...

If I do have a problem with peeling most of the time I can fix it and you will never see it, If its a large contamination area that has peeled and I cant fix's usually less expensive to buy a new part and start again then have it stripped and re-plated...
I can not afford to buy a new part  for you but I will deduct the cost of the new part from the engraving costs.   

Out of the hundreds of chrome parts I have engraved over the past ten years I have a 98% success rate and that includes aftermarket parts...
If this sounds like something your interested in let's move forward.

S&S aircleaner

H D Primary Cover

H D Primary

Engraved through chrome Dash

Lower Legs

Fish Tails

S&S aircleaner

Engraving through chrome primary cover

2017 harley steel air cleaneer


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